The single greatest risk factor for developing cancer is ageing. Prolonged exposure to carcinogens, reduced DNA repairing ability, genetic instability, decreased carcinogens metabolism and decreased immune surveillance dramatically increase the incidence of cancer in the elderly. In India demographically this population is increasing – a 280 percent increase in cancer rate is expected to occur by 2050.

Cancer treatment in our country is highly priced and health insurance only benefits the upper and middle classes. In most cancer hospitals, needy elderly patients have to wait for months for diagnosis, preparing funds, seeking expert opinion and getting appointments from surgeons. Insufficient cancer treatment facilities and lack of early screening, resulting from poor public health system in the country has led to large numbers of cancer cases being reported too late for them to benefit from any long term treatment.

What we DO

Child Vision Foundation (CVF) also serves as a cancer care charity for Children. Its the biggest challenge for us to provide sustained healthcare intervention for needy Child patients. Even the most basic cancer treatment lasts for at least a year. As the treatment costs are very high, many cancer patients are not able to finish a complete cancer treatment program. What is more heart breaking is that many elderly who are unable to collect the necessary funds for cancer treatment don’t opt for treatment at all.

Our Work

Child Vision Foundation has been in partnership with number of credible and competent cancer hospitals and organisations for carrying out cancer treatments which include cancer surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. These partners also conduct cancer awareness and cancer detection camps. Thus from cancer detection and treatment our partners have been able to deliver quality cancer care for elders in need of such intervention. Ever since CVF began its intervention in Cancer Care services for the Child, it has given support of more than Rs.22 Lacs to 5-6 hospitals and institutions in 72 states across the country. 500 Children have been screened for cancer and over 80 treatments provided. The target for next five years is to provide cancer treatment for 500 needy Child cancer patients and this can only be achieved through cancer donations made by YOU!

What You Can Do

Child Vision Foundation has been in partnership with number of credible and competent cancer hospitals and organisations.


You can help refer a needy cancer patient to CVF office for advice on how to access this assistance.


You can sponsor a needy patient’s palliative care on monthly / yearly basis. Please Donate to our Cause of serving the needy elderly by selecting a particular Program and supporting as many elders as you wish to or by simply making the donation to CVF to enable it to carry out both its Programs and Advocacy work. CVF actively seeks to partner with Organizations, Charities, Trusts and other Institutions to bring the benefits of specialized expertise and the power of generous grants and endowments to the needy elderly. National and International donor agencies and Trusts have been long time supporters of Child Vision Foundation.


You can align your CSR programme to sponsor treatment/palliative care through the CVF assisted community Palliative Care.


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