Name – Paresh Raju Jadav
Age – 12 Years old
Name of the School – Shri Ganesh VidyaMandir
Parent’s Name – Raju Jadav
Help Required – Rs. 7210/-

I, Paresh Raju Jadav S/O, Raju Jadav, Residing at Banjara Tanda, Din Quarry Road, Near Hamulal Mandir, Panjrarpol, Gautam Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai-74 N, requesting all the kind donors that I am studying 7thstandard in Shri Ganesh VidyaMandir, new R.N.A Park, Building no 9B, Vashinaka, Chembur , Mumbai. My Father is working as a daily labour. As he is unable to pay for my educational expenses, I’m requesting you to help me in paying my school fee, so that I can dream for a bright future. Here I am providing you with all my fee particulars.

1. Admission fees Rs. 200
2. Tuition fees Rs. 4800
3. Term Fee Rs. 1000
4. E- Learning Rs. 360
5. Books Rs. 1000
6. Other fee Rs. 1000
7. Exam fee Rs. 50
Total Rs. 7210

Thank you
Child Vision Foundation here by requesting you to kindly help this meritorious student towards his valuable education.